Situated near the town of Vico Canavese, at an altitude of 800 metres, the farm is surrounded by chestnut and birch woods and meadows used as pasture for dairy cows. Maddalena has continued the work of her grandparents, increasingly specialising in the production of the fresh toma cheese known locally as “Tuma’d Trausela”.

all year round
Aosta Red Pied
22(15 lactating)

Punti vendita
Direct sales from the farm. It is advisable to telephone ahead.

Prodotti - Servizi
Various types of fresh and aged cheeses, plus yogurt, butter, ricotta, puddings, ice creams and pasteurised milk.

Periodo Alpeggio
Fresh and aged cheeses.

Azienda Agricola Zucca Maddalena
Strada Comunale per Inverso, 40 10089 Valchiusa (TO)
+39 347 8119907

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