The Azienda Agricola Bermond is located in the San Sicario district, about 4km from Cesana, at an altitude of 1560m, in a panoramic position with a view over the valleys surrounding Cesana and the peak of Mount Chaberton. The farm was founded by grandfather Daniele and developed significantly in the early 2000s, first with the building of the dairy and later with the opening of the Barba Gust agritourism facility, about 100m from the dairy. It is open all year round, offering visitors both catering services, where they may sample the farm’s own and other local products, as well stay over in the farm’s cosy rooms. The dairy is the realm of Daniele, whose passion and skill produce countless types of excellent
cheeses. For Daniele Bermond the only way to run a farm is to respect the environment, ensuring the wellbeing of livestock, and exploiting the district in a positive way.

Punti vendita
The Bermond dairy’s products are distributed by the Macelleria Di Palma, in (fresh pasteurized milk); La Scursa, in Bardonecchia (milk and cheeses).

Prodotti - Servizi
Freshcheese (cow andgoat tomino); ricotta (cow); ripe and marbledcheeses (cow and goat); fresh pasteurized milk, butter and ice cream (only in the agritourismfacility).
The dairy farm also produces charcuterie (raw salamis, cotechino, coppa, pancetta, fatback) and Prosciutto Crudo dell’Alta Val di Susa a cured ham also known as Prosciuttello della Val di Susa. This ham is one of Piedmont’s fresh meat preparations listed in the “Prodotti Agroalimentari Tradizionali” register as a traditional agrifood product (G.U. 143,21/06/2016).

Periodo Alpeggio
summer from July to September (depending on weather conditions) on
the Alpeggio di San Sicario at 1800m

Azienda Agricola Bermond Daniele
Fraz. San Sicario, 1 Cesana Torinese (TO)
+39 346 0920355 37

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