Cascina dell’Allaas takes its name from the area located near Bollengo, just ten minutes from Lake Viverone, on the slopes of Serra, a morainic hill in Ivrea. Nadia’s grandparents started the farm in 1937 to rear dairy cows and veal calves. The farm shop opened in 1987 for sale of meat produced on the premises. In 2000, having completed her studies, Nadia decided to
dedicate herself totally to the dairy, making cheese from all the milk produced. Nadia made the right decision. Indeed, new, larger facilities are now under construction, with a cheesemaking unit, a workshop for ice-cream production, the point-of-purchase, and processing premises for pork and beef reared at the farms in the hamlet of San Bernardo, near Ivrea. The vending machine offarm produce will also be upgraded to make items available 24/7 to consumers.

year round
Italian Pezzata Rossa
55(40 lactating)

Punti vendita
Farm shop open Monday to Saturday (closed Sunday) at these times:
8.00 am- 12.30 pm/3 pm-7 pm.

Prodotti - Servizi
Fresh and flavoured cheeses(tomino, primosale, mozzarella,  reblec, crescenza), mature and marbled cheeses, ricotta, yogurt, puddings, goat cheese. Some cheeses are preserved in oil. The shop also sells fresh beef and pork, charcuterie and meat-based products made on the farm.

Azienda Agricola La Cascina dell’Allaas
Via Statale, 18, 10012 Bollengo, TO, Italia
+39 0125 57545
+39 347 0129198

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