In the early decades of the last century, Maria Cravero’s grandfather decided to expand his agricultural activities with the manufacturing of dairy products from the milk collected from the farms of the Basso Canavese area, marking the start of cheese production and sales. During the 1980s Azienda Agricola “Valle Orco” was founded as a joint venture between the Craveros and the Frola family, experienced breeders of Piedmontese beef cattle. The farm can be described as a female venture, for the meat processing, cheese-making and sale of the products at markets are managed entirely by sisters Maria Rita and Laura with the supervision and assistance of their mother Giuseppina. The work in the
fields and the raising of Piedmontese beef cattle (cows and calves) and 100 pigs are overseen by Giuseppina’s son Diego, again with her help. The farm is made up of approximately 30 hectares of land for the production of cereals and pasture for livestock. In addition to the dairy, the farm also has an adjoining slaughterhouse and processes its own beef, veal and pork.

all year round
40(15 lactating)

Punti vendita
Farm shop: Thursday and Friday, opening times: 3.00-8.00 p.m.

Prodotti - Servizi
Fresh, aged, blue and flavoured cheeses; ricotta, yogurt and puddings invarious flavours.
The shop also offers fresh beef, veal and pork, local charcuterie specialities (Salampatata) and the farm’s own fresh and cured meat products.


  • Caluso (Monday)
  • Montanaro and Volpiano (Tuesday)
  • Castiglione Torinese (Tuesday afternoon)
  • Chivasso and San Maurizio (Wednesday)
  • San Benigno (Friday)
  • Montanaro and Chivasso (Saturday)
  • Turin Piazza Palazzo di Città
    (1st Sunday of the month)

Azienda Agricola Valle Orco
Srada Via Nuova, 1 10017 - Montanaro (TO)
+39 011 9160329
+39 338 6795887

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