Longo started out in 1950 with just one product: “Tomino del Canavese”, which it packaged in a roll. Building on the success of this product, the company has continued to expand both its range and its production, while maintaining high quality. The Longo family have demonstrated their strong ties with their native land by building a new 20,000-square-metre
factory in Rivarolo Canavese, just a few kilometres from the dairy farm where their venture commenced, and by continuing to collect the milk produced by the local farms. The milk is checked each day upon arrival
and processed using high-tech equipment, but great care is taken to ensure that the cheeses maintain the characteristics of an artisanal product.
The company’s success is demonstrated by the appreciation garnered by its products abroad, but this has not distracted the Longo family from the local market, and their products are still widely distributed throughout the Canavese area.

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Punti vendita
Caseificio Longo’s products are sold by large and small shops and the leading supermarket and hypermarket chains throughout northern Italy.

Prodotti - Servizi
Fresh and aged cheeses, cow’s milk ricotta, mixed-milk seiras,  flavoured cheeses and gourmet products.

Caseificio Longo
Via Leonardo da Vinci, 43 10086 Rivarolo Canavese (TO)
+39 0124 428247
+39 3408249853

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