The Ala family started making and selling cheeses in 1920 and have subsequently handed down the tradition through the generations. Their activities led them to open the “Valli di Lanzo” dairy in 2005, in association with the local mountain community. The large modern facility is equipped with rooms and technology capable of ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. The dairy has an external walkway that allows visitors to observe the stages in cheese-making. In addition to Toma di Lanzo, the dairy now also produces a wide variety of other products. They are available not only from food shops and restaurants, but also from various supermarket chains throughout Italy.

all year round
selected farms in the Valli di Lanzo

Punti vendita
A shop adjoining the dairy is scheduled to open soon and will offer
tastings of the different cheeses.

Prodotti - Servizi
Various types of fresh, aged and blue cheeses and fresh ricotta.

Caseificio Valli di Lanzo
Via Artigiani 18 10070 Balangero (TO)
+39 0123 346011
+39 348 7842638

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