The Pezzana family started out in the dairy industry in 1946, with the construction of a milk collection facility. The great transformation and evolution of the dairy came about in the 2000s, with the building of the new Frossasco plant, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional methods. This encounter of technology and tradition came about thanks to a family business that developed successfully by keeping a close eye on process innovation and market change, but remaining  loyal to local traditions while promoting its local products. The Pezzana family’s close ties to the district  can be seen in the creation of a range of cheeses under the I Sapori del Castello label, a line enhanced by affinage in the cellars of the 14th-century Castello di Macello, a Medieval castle.

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Punti vendita
Caseificio Pezzana products are distributed by small, medium and mass retailers, bothlocallyandnationally.  Part of production is exported around Europe.

Prodotti - Servizi
Fresh cheese, ricotta and seirass; aged cheeses; bloomy-ri nd cheese; flavoured cheeses; ready-to-cook cheese;gourmets pecialities.

Caseificio Pezzana
Via Pinerolo, 26/b 10060 Frossasco (TO)
+39 0121 353157

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